All’s Well That Ends Well

Wednesday next week will be our last day at the Ark building. On Thursday we will move out, and be taking a break from trading as a cafe until the spring. CATCH, The youth organisation that owns the building and runs fantastic events and programs for the young people in the area, are intending to […]

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I was walking home with my daughter. As we walked through the park, we looked up and saw this tree. It was too beautiful not to try to capture. As I took out my phone to take picture, I saw that the following was posted on the WhatsApp group for TLC volunteers; and it’s too […]

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Chocolate Orange Truffles

Since the cafe has been closed this week, I have enjoyed being at home, catching up on the back office side of ToastLoveCoffee, and baking. Since the MacMillan coffee morning campaign is in full flow, I had some serious batches of flapjacks and other goodies to make for my husband, sister in law, and of […]

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Someone Out There Loves You

Last night, Anita and I went out. A friend of mine had given me tickets to a gig (!) at the Belgrave Music Hall and so I invited Anita to join me on this rare treat. We really enjoyed the excuse to go out together, pretending to be young again (!) and I reminisced that […]

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Paul’s story..

Last week, Paul returned to TLC. He had been a regular volunteer with us, and, before heading to Manchester to start university (go Paul!) he came in to say goodbye. I was touched; he had been such a great member of the team and had missed him. What I didn’t realise was how much he […]

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Everything Is Connected

Towards the end of the cafe yesterday, I caught up with good friend, mentor and very wise lady, Jill. I shared stories from the summer, and my family, and how I was going to put my family in focus a bit more this season; trying to find more balance between cafe and family responsibilities. I […]

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One of the things I enjoy most at TLC is when a new person has walked in, and there’s a conversation, and quickly it is as if we’ve known each other for years, although the reality is that it has only been for a few minutes. The experience is only rarely beaten, when, through that […]

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Today has been hot and humid in Leeds. More so with the kitchen appliances working at full whack to provide breakfast (eggs on toast, with garlic mushrooms on the side!), morning snacks (those pastries donated by a local supermarket the day after they are ‘baked fresh daily’ are SO good warmed up a little), and […]

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