Hot Topics and Micro-Revolutions

Recently I witnessed something quite disturbing, but probably quite familiar to most people reading this. I was in a small lecture / discussion group, and the topic was current affairs in Israel. I made a comment. Another member of the audience responded, obviously very irate at what I had said, and, as she spoke, she […]

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The Ordinary

What is an ordinary day for you? I guess that the answer is different for all of us, but probably follows a rhythm of waking up, getting up, having some breakfast, doing a morning routine, doing what needs to be done for the day, eating meals, taking a break at some point, then evening routine […]

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Compassion Fatigue?

It was a beautiful autumn morning (again! – how lucky we are to be able to say this almost half way through November!) and I have once again gone for a walk in the local park, as I am trying to do most mornings since TLC moved out of the Ark three weeks ago. It […]

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