Chocolate Orange Truffles

Since the cafe has been closed this week, I have enjoyed being at home, catching up on the back office side of ToastLoveCoffee, and baking. Since the MacMillan coffee morning campaign is in full flow, I had some serious batches of flapjacks and other goodies to make for my husband, sister in law, and of […]

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Someone Out There Loves You

Last night, Anita and I went out. A friend of mine had given me tickets to a gig (!) at the Belgrave Music Hall and so I invited Anita to join me on this rare treat. We really enjoyed the excuse to go out together, pretending to be young again (!) and I reminisced that […]

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Paul’s story..

Last week, Paul returned to TLC. He had been a regular volunteer with us, and, before heading to Manchester to start university (go Paul!) he came in to say goodbye. I was touched; he had been such a great member of the team and had missed him. What I didn’t realise was how much he […]

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Everything Is Connected

Towards the end of the cafe yesterday, I caught up with good friend, mentor and very wise lady, Jill. I shared stories from the summer, and my family, and how I was going to put my family in focus a bit more this season; trying to find more balance between cafe and family responsibilities. I […]

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