One of the things I enjoy most at TLC is when a new person has walked in, and there’s a conversation, and quickly it is as if we’ve known each other for years, although the reality is that it has only been for a few minutes. The experience is only rarely beaten, when, through that […]

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Today has been hot and humid in Leeds. More so with the kitchen appliances working at full whack to provide breakfast (eggs on toast, with garlic mushrooms on the side!), morning snacks (those pastries donated by a local supermarket the day after they are ‘baked fresh daily’ are SO good warmed up a little), and […]

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Live in the cafe

So this morning I’m sitting down (a rare treat!) at the back. There’s a group of us; it looks like a group but actually I don’t think everyone has met each other before just now. A council worker, a police strategic engagement officer, three local Pakistani mums and me. The conversation is flowing, the coffee […]

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