When two worlds collide…

“We have over 400 regular customers” claimed the owner of my favourite local cafe a few years ago. I remember feeling in awe at the time; that she welcomed, knew the name of, even named some of the specialty coffees after,  local people who made her cafe their second home.

At Toast Love Coffee we are also building a large number of regular customers. I can’t claim 400, but we are building community here, through the many regulars who now come in, and also, in a different way, online as well. We know from the data that over 1k ‘likes’ on Facebook and Twitter, with new followers each week, means our reach is growing, but how many of those people are actually part of our budding,  effervescent, nurturing community?

Well, yesterday,  a lady I had not met before approached me as she left the cafe, and told me that she loves reading the blog. She loved my writing (wow!) and loved what we were doing. It was the first time she had come to the cafe and (I hope!) not the last. I was chuffed to pieces on a personal level, but I also felt that it signified something really important happening for our community. So this post is dedicated to you Sharin!

Back in the world of our physical cafe, we have found out that two volunteers, unrelated and unconnected, literally don’t have a penny to their name.

We’re not talking about food poverty, or living on the breadline, or any other buzz words that are seemingly being dealt with by the authorities. These are people who have slipped through the net and due to circumstances absolutely beyond their control, are really really struggling. Right now. Today. In Leeds. In our community.

I would like to find a way to offer them some cash just to keep them going from day to day.

I am therefore looking to set up a discretionary fund within the Toast Love Coffee budget, which we will dip into on a very discretionary basis, for those absolutely in need, and for whom a small amount of cash would make a huge difference to them.

I am asking you to trust me and the co-signatory on the account to make that judgement, and if you feel able to send over any amount of money, with the reference ‘TLC discretionary fund’ we really can make sure that, especially over this winter period, those in the most need really can have a direct lifeline.

Pls bring cash donations to the cafe, or click and give at


Thanking you in advance,



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