All food has a value

Written by Lawrence We all need food to live Think of the farmer who grew the food Think of the person who picked the food with their hands – fruit, vegetables, caring for animals Think of the person who drove the tractor – cereals (wheat etc), cotton Think of the people who drive the food […]

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What You Give is What You Get

Isn’t that something that is so often said with malice or in a negative way? But today I’ve been thinking about that a lot. This morning in the cafe everything that I wanted to be happening in the cafe, was happening: Senior members of the local council and West Yorkshire police had come to find […]

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Official Opening Night

It may have been quiet on the blog front for ToastLoveCoffee but certainly not on the ground! Last night, along with CATCH (Community Action to Change Harehills) we welcomed what seemed to be hundreds of people to our building and grounds on Hovingham Avenue. The mix of people was eclectic and absolutely represented what we […]

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