A First Timer’s Review

Gillian Tober reflects on her first visit to TLC this morning; 

I came to ToastLoveCoffee for the first time today and was immediately taken with the restful atmosphere of friendly people with lots of children who were quietly having a very nice time.

The place was infused with a feeling of quiet activity, people meeting old friends and making new friends, exchanging ideas and knowledge of resources, or just having breakfast with hot drinks, toast and pastries.
There is food to take away and games to play, and there is a great cultural mix including local people and people recently arrived, hoping to become local people.
I had come to see a freezer to donate to a recent refugee who has recently moved to an attic flat in Leeds. I was met with enthusiastic offers of help to get this rather huge thing into the car, with the cheerful assistance of two young men, asylum seekers enjoying breakfast and conversation. These two tenacious young men then lifted the freezer up a minute staircase into the attic of a back to back house. 

They were not about to be defeated by the seeming impossibility of the task and they succeeded. The recipient couldn’t thank them enough.

This seemed to epitomise the way that the cafe/meeting place brings together people who help each other and who have a nice time together.

Well done to the lovely TLC team.


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