Now More Than Ever

Ten days ago… Ten days ago, I took for granted the security I felt in my own country. Ten days ago, Jo Cox was alive. Is it really possible that just Ten Days Ago, Britain felt so very very different? I want that country back; where we celebrated the Queen’s 90th birthday with Union Jack bunting […]

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Just pictures…

Tonight – feeling exhausted and overwhelmed by the local and national news of the murder of Jo Cox MP-  I’m just sharing the pictures from our cabin today.  All that’s missing is the people to sit on the chairs. We will welcome everyone. And when there is an empty chair, maybe we will think of […]

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Today’s blog comes from our up-cycling superhero Sharon, who told me today that she’s not great at writing, but I certainly think we can add it to her list of talents… Have a read and decide for yourself… I so loved this morning.  We conjured up granite slabs, scored by getting a couple more pallets, […]

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More on ‘Love’

Wow. I don’t really know where last night’s reflections came from, but obviously deep inside me, and I’m feeling quite emotional. This morning I decided to listen the the Black Eyed Peas song that inspired the title yesterday. I was in tears. Have a listen, really listen to the lyrics.. and let’s find many many many ways […]

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Where is the Love?

Today’s diary from the cabin comes amidst a whirl of worldwide news, mainly depressing, terrifying and despairing for the future of our planet. And in amongst it all, in a tiny speck of a dot in Leeds, is something going on that is quite incredible, humbling and joyous. Unfortunately it is not headline grabbing, or […]

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We are all human beings!

Back after a half term break, and things have been progressing nicely at our cabin. The day started early with catch ups and meetings, and even a coffee in the sunshine, whilst we regrouped and planned for the next stage of creativity. By 12noon, the TLC cabin was a hive of activity; more volunteers had […]

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