Upcycle Day 2!

Busy day, late night, but wanted to share these piccies from today… Including one of our new friend Maike who came along today to get her hands dirty after seeing our posts on Facebook! Shame she came 20 minutes before we were finished, but she has promised she will come again another day. Yippee for […]

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UpCycle Day!

Today’s activities at TLC have been rather exciting – colour has appeared on walls, in the toilet room, and on table legs (yes, really!). We’ve had people dropping by to wish us well, and one, a wonderful lady we hadn’t seen for ages said that she couldn’t wait for us to be back on Hovingham […]

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The energy surrounding this project is so inspiring. I alluded to it yesterday; that actually, when you give someone the chance to shine, they seize it with both hands. What has astounded me today is the unwavering commitment to the more mundane jobs that need doing, as well as the self inflicted early start that […]

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Chapter Three

It has been a while since we last blogged, and you might think that things have gone a little quiet at TLC HQ, which couldn’t be further from the truth! The truth is that, whilst there have continued to be stories from our pop up each week, it felt more and more that the very […]

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