Playing Chess

My boys, aged 7, (yes, twins) have started to play chess. It’s a great game of strategy, forward thinking and winning by forcing the King into a place where they can’t move any more. My boys have figured out the rules and love knocking each others’ pieces off the board until it is basically a […]

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If you scroll back to the very beginning of this blog, you’ll see it was two years ago to the day that it all started, and the journey of ToastLoveCoffee began.  ‘Getting Started’ was the post. It is an interesting read two years on.  From those crazy beginnings, tonight we can celebrate what I, and […]

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It’s funny. I hadn’t really ever heard the term before, but it came up twice last week. I haven’t even googled it, but I’m assuming it’s something to do with ideologies, where you are in the world, and something related to those conversations when you can be up all night with someone figuring out how […]

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The past few weeks have given us an opportunity, like never before, to reflect on what we have been doing. A researcher (now friend) has been working on a social audit and has been sending us her reports, and we have presented at two different conferences about ‘The ToastLoveCoffee Story’. And when we share our […]

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