Yesterday, Wednesday, ToastLoveCoffee day. Snow day. We woke up to snow. The local radio was full of reports on the traffic, the school closures, the general mess up of the day it was going to cause. I waited. I waited for the reason that was going to keep TLC closed. I waited for the text from my kids’ school saying it was closed. I waited for the school that is attached to our venue to be on the list of school closures on the radio. I waited for my friends who help me set up and run the cafe to call and cancel….

While I waited, we loaded the car with the cafe equipment. I got the kids to school and by 9am was driving down to Hovingham Avenue. I waited to see it locked up and no signs of life. The lights were on, the team busy with setup. We were going to open! I thought that we’d be waiting for people to come, and still empty at 11 we would close early just for that day.

But would you believe it. People came. 19 in fact; our regular sort of number. And the regular sort of crowd; everyone there was happy to chat with someone new which is what makes it TLC. The warmth, buzz and chatter that has developed over these last few weeks was here once more. Now that’s what I realise I had been waiting for all week.



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