Part 2: My Truth

I am just re reading some of the posts on this blog, and think that each post is so important and valuable, I felt I had to share it. Let’s hope that 2015 can bring a lot more positive opportunities for people, our fellow Leeds citizens, to lead a meaningful and positive life. Advertisements

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All My Christmases Coming at Once

Christmas and Jews. Many a blog post entry can be weaved around the intricacies of identity and minority community at this festive season; from the queues for kosher turkeys, to the invention of the ‘Hanukkah Bush’, to the international Jewish conference held every year to avoid it all together save for trying very hard to […]

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Coffee Community

Guest blogging tonight: I’m Jess and I’m a postgraduate researcher at the University of Leeds in the first year of my PhD, which is based around languages and multilingual community arts settings and will be linked to Harehills and the surrounding area. I first came into the café when it had just opened back in […]

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