Just Another Wednesday Morning

Introducing my right hand lady and all together wonderful friend and TLC buddy, Jill Mann from Together for Peace guest blogging tonight. Enjoy…. Every Wednesday at ToastLoveCoffee is different and this Wednesday was different and precious in many ways. Most importantly, we were all back together as a team after last week’s disruption and dramatic […]

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A Blurry Four Days

Monday morning, I pick up my phone on my way out for the door on the school run. Three missed calls and a text. Our worst fears realised: my friend and her five year old son had been detained. They will shortly be leaving Leeds to a ‘Pre-Departure Accommodation’ (read: high security detention centre) near […]

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Forced Closure This Week

Regrettably I am making the decision to close the cafe this week. Our main volunteer, with her five year old son, who I have written about before, was detained on Monday and is currently in a ‘Pre-Departure Accommodation’ near Gatwick airport. We have 24 hours to work as hard as possible, by as many means […]

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The Niggle

Yesterday was the holiest day in the Jewish Calendar, Yom Kippur. Ten days ago we celebrated our new year, (Rosh HaShanah), and Yom Kippur is the culmination of ten days of reflection and introspection; we reflect on the year that has past; about our actions which may have caused hurt, our inactions which may have […]

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