Humous anyone?!

One of the first inspirations for toastlovecoffee was an article I read about the origins of the artisanal toast craze hitting America and I believe parts of the UK too. The journalist ended up¬†in San Francisco, at Trouble Coffee & Coconut Club, owned by unlikely heroine¬†Giulietta (I have posted the link before, but incase you […]

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The pressures of a good coffee…

A few posts back, I put a call out for help. Amazingly, a few people have been in touch, offering skills that we undoubtedly need, which I definitely don’t have, in creating a successful coffeehouse. One of these is in-depth knowledge of how to create the perfect espresso. So we have a new member of […]

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This Is Our Beautiful City

As the sun set on an extraordinary day for me yesterday, I was in an appropriate location: standing on a patch of wasteland in Harehills, with a magnificent view over our beautiful city. I was filled with a sense of gratitude for living here, and pride and responsibility for OUR city. I turned to my […]

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Lest We Forget

This afternoon I stood in a road I had never driven down, walked down or passed by. In fact I had no idea where in fact it was: Cromwell Street, LS9. In between the high rise tower blocks and newer social housing around Lincoln Green Road is the One Community Centre. It is an unimposing […]

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