Over To You….

So I’ve been on this journey of creating an independent cafe in Harehills for almost a month now, and it feels right at this point to welcome more people to the team. It was never my intention for this to be a one-woman-show, or indeed to get famous (although 100+ followers on this blog is rather lovely for my self esteem!) but to create a welcoming, safe, inclusive, accessible space for community to be created, across the social and cultural divides in our wonderful city of Leeds. And of course, good coffee and cake.

So I’m looking for a team of people to join the project. It’s all voluntary at this point, which I hope excites you, and the particular skills I am looking for  are: experience in running a cafe or eatery, experience in community engagement in Harehills, financial / accountancy skills (‘phew’ I can hear my husband sigh!), experience in finding funding, and of course heaps of enthusiasm for the project.

I anticipate that we will meet fairly regularly (though not too frequently) to really get this project off the ground within the next 12 months. So please, if you’re interested, direct message me via twitter ( @toastlovecoffee ), leave a comment here, or email annadyson@gmail.com.

And if you can think of anyone in your networks who may also be interested, please share the post around with my blessing!



4 thoughts on “Over To You….

  1. Me please if my enthusiasm can make up for lack of any specific skill at this stage. If not, then I’ll join you further down the line. Meanwhile you have my total moral support.

  2. when you’re ready I can get you a meeting with the chief exec of a huge social enterprise in Hull who started with nothing and now have 300 employees (including a whole section around Asylum seekers) – no doubt he can point you towards all sorts of funding, hints and tips. They really are rather impressive. Go Anna GO!

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