Let’s get down to business!

This morning I had my first business meeting. Unsure what to wear, how to present myself, how formal to go, I decided to just be me and not make any more of an effort than I usually do for the school run and general mummsy-ness of my life. Well, perhaps a little extra make up, but that was all…

And a good job! This morning, I met the face of new business in Leeds. Young, informal, chatty and incredibly helpful, Krag and Ellis are the co-owners of Leeds’ first micro coffee roasters – North Star. How refreshing! How lovely! How exciting! and a damned good espresso to boot. Wow!

Full of enthusiasm for coffee, and my idea, our hour together this morning has moved my dream of a coffee house one small step forward, albeit with a pricetag of about £3k  for all the kit required, but it’s exciting and taking shape on a business level too now…. BRING IT ON!


Krag and Ellis showing me their green coffee beans from Ethiopia



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