Over To You….

So I’ve been on this journey of creating an independent cafe in Harehills for almost a month now, and it feels right at this point to welcome more people to the team. It was never my intention for this to be a one-woman-show, or indeed to get famous (although 100+ followers on this blog is […]

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What does success mean to me?

In the name of ‘research’ I have been frequenting cafes, coffee houses, delis and coffee shacks. Just yesterday and today, I have had the absolute pleasure of chatting with the owners of two of these; Taste on Chapeltown Road (mentioned in a previous post) and Cielo in Garforth. Each conversation gives me more confidence, and […]

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Sorry, no blog post tonight…

My husband and I have spent the best part of our evening glueing our kids’ artwork into scrapbooks. Painstaking decisions about whether we can possibly recycle our son’s drawing of our family because the detail in the tree is ever so slightly different to the ten almost exact same pictures next to it. Perhaps this […]

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Let’s get down to business!

This morning I had my first business meeting. Unsure what to wear, how to present myself, how formal to go, I decided to just be me and not make any more of an effort than I usually do for the school run and general mummsy-ness of my life. Well, perhaps a little extra make up, […]

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Something has been bothering me: To what extent is this idea of a trendy cafe in Harehills, complete with beautiful latte art and freshly baked croissants, an airlift of my middle class British aspirations into a community that really doesn’t need it, want it, and prefers their own coffee culture? My vision is of a […]

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