The Social Network

I’m not bragging but I have over 500 friends. On Facebook that is. And yesterday I joined LinkedIn and my email inbox is filled with new connections that have been made. It seems as if the power of the network is greater than it ever has been, simply due to the very ease of communicating, […]

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The Roads We Travel

Christmas is always a bit awkward for me as I’m Jewish, and a big part of my Jewish identity growing up was that we did NOT do Christmas. I have since married into a Jewish family that DOES do Christmas, so we have settled into a routine of one year ‘on’ and one year ‘off’, […]

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Cafe Culture

I will get to the crazy idea soon, I promise. But just for now, a quick entry. My diary is filling up. I want to talk with as many friends and people as possible about this idea, so have been booking them in and choosing different locations to meet. Today I have spent the morning […]

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Getting Started

Well, 26 days into 2014 and I never would have imagined my life taking a turn in this direction. In 2013 I was, as I liked to describe myself, the CEO of a small local enterprise, namely my family, and when time allowed, I volunteered within my community- both the local Jewish community and wider […]

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