TLC for 2021

The ToastLoveCoffee cafe sadly closed its doors forever in March 2020. Little did we know then that the dream of our own independent high street cafe with a big heart would only live for 18 months.. but little did we know about a lot of things back then!

Since COVID came screaming into our lives, and we have spent the last year in and out of social restrictions, it was impossible for TLC to carry on as a physical space open to all and inviting new conversations and connections between people who hadn’t met before.

ToastLoveCoffee CIC was struck off the Companies House register in April 2021 and no longer exists.

However, the idea behind it all; to celebrate difference, to build community and network, to invite and host difficult conversations in a supportive and safe way, is perhaps needed now more than ever before.

Please continue to listen well, to stay curious, and to celebrate the wonderful diversity that we find in every corner of this wonderful world we live in.

11 thoughts on “TLC for 2021

  1. Hi

    I’m an experienced graphic designer (based near Leeds), if I can be any help during your endeavours, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    Let’s say P.A.Y.F. (or free)



  2. Hi Anna, We met up for a chat at Haley and Clifford for a chat earlier this year – I’m Gillian Holding’s friend. I wondered if we could catch up, chat about all those things are really coming together for ToastLoveCoffee. Drop me a line if you’ll be free and fancy it,

  3. Hi,
    Its interesting reading your blog but I can’t find anything on your website about where you are and what days and times you open! We regularly have asylum seekers staying with us and it would be nice to sign post them to you (we live in Roundhay and I believe you are in Harehills. Think it would be good if you could get a website running so people know where you are.

    1. Thanks lisa for your feedback I’ll update info on this blog. Best way to keep up to date is via Facebook or Twitter. Hope you can find us. In any case : over the summer we are open Tuesdays and Thursdays 8.45-12ish we hope to open for more days and for longer from mid sept…
      Address is Hovingham Avenue, LS83QY it’s just off Harehills Lane, near Roundhay Road rather than the other end. Hope you are able to come by soon! Thanks for looking us up 🙂

    2. Lisa, you are right! I have had a play ojn the website tonight and hope we have all the info easy to find now? We are open Tues / Weds / Thurs 8.45-1.30pm. We are in Harehills at The Ark, Hovingham Avenue, Leeds LS8 3QY

  4. Hi,

    I would like to introduce myself, I am Kim Evans Project Officer, Green Gym North gardening projects which have been commissioned by Leeds CCG to run Green Gyms as a way of promoting the benefits of being outside, growing food & getting exercise.

    At present, myself & colleague & fellow Project officer, Pauline Pickett are running 2 Green Gyms in the north area: Oakwood Hall in Oakwood & St.Mary’s in Chapeltown. We are looking to add new gardens too & are in the process of looking into this & will also be extended projects into south Leeds too which will be run by another colleague.

    We are also very keen to reach-out & gain new volunteers for the gardens. I wonder if it would be possible to come in & meet your team perhaps & introduce the project? I’d also like to have a coffee & perhaps also arrange a time when I could come in & promote our gardens to the cafe customers?

    I’ve also attached links below for further information

    Kind regards,


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